Automatic saving of cas+ dat, animations, macro and report files stops randomly in the simulation

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bkovarovic posted this 03 January 2020

Hello, I am running a transient laminar solution with cyclic flow (Fluent 19.3).  I am using a CFL adaptive solution, 1.7 sec flow time and saving animations (x6) and report file every 5 ms.  Autosaving the data and case file every 30 ms.  Lastly I have a macro (execute commands) that runs every 10 ms to save my DPM report.  The issue is that randomly the solution will continue to go without any issue but the saving will stop.  It is completely random and sometimes they dont stop all together either (report will continue after the animations or visa versa). Sometimes it saves 49 timesteps, sometimes its 107, there is no rhyme or reason.  There are no errors or notifications in the journal file.  There is plenty of space (+10 Tb) and I have tried 2 different computers (Redhat server with 4x Intel Xeon E74870 and Windows Ryzen 2700x).  I have tried with and without the macro and even tried from scratch remaking the mesh and setup again.  At one point this was working fine without any issues and now that I need data it of course is not working.

Thanks for any help!

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rwoolhou posted this 06 January 2020

What happens if you switch to saving every some timesteps? I've seen a couple of these on here (you posted in that thread) and one from a commercial client. Unfortunately I've not been able to repeat the problem as yet. 

bkovarovic posted this 06 January 2020

I believe I found the issue, it appears to be a rounding issue. The past simulation stopped saving on time-step 151 and I was saving every 0.005 secs.  Step 150 was at time 0.75 and time step 151 was at 0.754999999.  So each time step after had the 99999 digits on the end of it. It seems like an odd error and its quite annoying.  I am now saving every couple time steps but the issue is the final animation wont have a consistent frame rate so I will need to write another code to process the png files.