basic UDF setup

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mblee posted this 04 July 2017

Hello, I just need help with the basics of loading a UDF into Fluent.  I have an example UDF that I got off of the internet but I keep running into different errors. 

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pgl posted this 18 July 2017

Firstly, are you sure that you need to use a UDF? Can you explain what type of simulation you are trying to achieve? I ask because ANSYS Fluent has a tremendous amount of built-in functionality.

UDF's are covered in the ANSYS Fluent Customization Manual, this documentation is included with the product.  There are quite a few examples in the doc. 

My best guess is that the UDF you got from the internet is intended to be used with an older version of Fluent, and the errors you are getting relate to either obsolete commands, or commands that have changed their syntax. Review the UDF and check each command with the version of the Fluent doc that you are using.

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abenhadj posted this 06 September 2017

Can you tell us what are you trying to do?