boundary conditions air and fuel inlet quantities

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ozankekul posted this 08 August 2019


Im modelling a combustion case. i have calculated air fuel ratio by hand and i have found air mass flow rate 0,003268326 kg/s and fuel mass flow rate 0,000537634 kg/s. moreover, i have four air injector with dimension of 70 mm and i have defined one air inlet  for all air injectors. moreover, i have six fuel injector with dimension of 42 mm and i have defined one fuel inlet for all injector. When i defined boundary conditions , should i divide total air mass flow rate to four and total fuel mass flow rate to six ? and what should i set hydraulic diameter for both air and fuel inlets. 

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rwoolhou posted this 08 August 2019

You set the flow based on the labelled boundary: in this case you have one setting for all 6 surfaces so use the total mass.  Turbulence conditions are based on the size of the openings and not the total area if there are several. 

Set the model up, run a few iterations and then use the report tools to convince yourself what Fluent is doing. 

ozankekul posted this 08 August 2019

thanks for your support.