Boundary Conditions for UDS in which VOF is stored

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gunjanauti posted this 16 April 2019

I want to calculate gradient of volume fraction. And I can't store the values temporary using solve set expert. So I have stored the C_VOF(c,t) in C_UDSI(c,t,0). What boundary conditions should I give to this scalar? I have given velocity inlet BC at inlet and outflow BC at outlet. I know the profile of volume fraction at inlet but at outlet I know neither the value nor the flux for this UDS. 


Thank you

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Kremella posted this 17 April 2019


Could you please elaborate more? What is your physical model? What physics are you attempting to solve?




abenhadj posted this 17 April 2019

Uds is only is just container for the variable so do not solve its transport equation. But why is solver set expert not enough for you?

Best regards, Amine

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gunjanauti posted this 17 April 2019

I am using  a multiphase model and whilke using parallel solver, I can't store the values of gradient of C_VOF. And thanks, I was solving the equation for UDS that's why it was giving an error :'D.

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Fatemeh posted this 02 May 2020

Excuse me, how can i use UDS only just as container?

How should we force fluent, not solve the the transport equation?

Fatemeh posted this 03 May 2020