Buckling analysis with MECHANICAL APDL

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DEEPTHISTEPHEN posted this 25 February 2018

how can i get critical buckling load from nonlinear buckling analysis??(STEPS IN NONLINEAR BUCKLING ANALYSIS,post buckling effects)
Is it possible to CARRY OUT wind buckling and thermal buckling of steel tanks with ANSYS MECHANICAL APDL??(static nonlinear)

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peteroznewman posted this 25 February 2018

Please read this slide deck. On slides 14-18, it explains how to find the critical buckling load by tracking the load-deflection curve.  This is the generic approach, you have two specific loads: wind and thermal.

How is wind load applied to the tank?  I can imagine it being applied as a bearing force that has a cosine fall off with angle.

How is thermal load applied? I can imagine it being applied as a pressure on tank.

DEEPTHISTEPHEN posted this 26 February 2018


Thank you sir for your response.How can  apply force in cosine fall of angle,ANSYS APDL??

The steps to follow??

peteroznewman posted this 26 February 2018


I don't know APDL, but I can create a Bearing load in Mechanical and write out the APDL file which I have zipped and attached below.

There is a do loop at the bottom where the bearing load seems to be computed.


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DEEPTHISTEPHEN posted this 27 February 2018

Thank you sir.

But i can't open this file.Could you please copy this do loop,on the desk??

peteroznewman posted this 27 February 2018

In the previous post, I attached a zip file. Do you not have an unzip program?

In this post, I attached a text file. I expect you can open this.

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