bulk species in surface reaction mechanism

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Weiqiang Liu posted this 24 March 2019

Hi all,

I've always been using surface mechanism of Deutschman. However I can not get very accurate results with this mechanism. Therefore I am trying to use another mechanism developed by  Berkeley. I found in Berkeley mechanism bulk species PT(B) is included.

I am wondering what this pt(b) is. If I include pt(b) in the mechanism, will it has effects on the results? I put the screenshot of berkeley's mechanism here.



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abenhadj posted this 25 March 2019

Best to contact the authors where you got that. 

Under Bulk I understand gas or unbounded specie. This is logical if I just check the adsorption reactions.

Best regards, Amine

Weiqiang Liu posted this 25 March 2019

Hi, Amine

Thanks very much for your concern. I'll contact the author.



abenhadj posted this 25 March 2019

Please mark as Is Solved.

Best regards, Amine