cable net link 180 with out of plane load

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julsmo posted this 04 June 2018

Hi all,

I am trying to model a cable net ideally with link elements connected with rotational springs. first i tried it with the original geometrie wich are s-shaped elements,  but that probably doesn't work with link?

when I tried it with straight lines and a out ouf plane force at nodes, it can calculate, but it doesnt show deflections, as seen in the pictures. I just fix corner nodes and it does how deflections for an in plane load.

Any ideas whs that is and what is wrong with my model?


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peteroznewman posted this 04 June 2018

Did you turn NLGEOM ON?


julsmo posted this 05 June 2018

yes i did... and also pstres

julsmo posted this 15 June 2018

Didn't get it to work with link180. the old version (link8) works though. strange but true