CAD material meshing error

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etrl posted this 11 December 2018

So I converted .brd CAD files for use into Ansys Fluent, however, I keep getting the following error "CAD materials not imported" (see attached file). How is the material consequential in the meshing stage? Shouldn't it be defined in the setup stage? And how could I resolve this error



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kkanade posted this 11 December 2018

as ANSYS employee, we can not download attachments. please insert images. 

are you using fluent or fluent meshing ( fluent in meshing mode)?


etrl posted this 11 December 2018

I am using Fluent and I am in the meshing stage. I imported a geometry then proceeded to the meshing stage

kkanade posted this 12 December 2018

so it looks like you imported geometry in Design Modeler and then proceeded to Workbench Meshing. 

it is just warning. are you getting any errors during meshing? can you please share more details, insert zoomed in images to understand the issue. 

please note that as ANSYS employees we can not download attachments. others on forum can download and pitch in. 

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