Calculate pressure at points before and after a pressure sensor

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vighnesh posted this 01 March 2018

Please find the attachment.

Let L be the length of a pipe
A be the initial point/inlet (liquid) point
O be the pressure sensor
a is the diameter of the pipe (here its 1inch)
Let O be placed at a distance d from A
P1* and P2* be the pressure of liquid before and after the sensor

*Distance of P1 and P2 must be equal to the diameter of pipe hole i.e P1=P2=0.4 inch

How can I calculate P1 and P2 at different distance 'd' of 'o' with different temperatures of liquid flowing through the pipe?

Suggestions please. Thanks in advance.


Here diameter of the pipe is taken as 1 inch for the purpose of ease i.e length 0.3+0.4+0.3=1inch. It can be varied. Accordingly, sensor parameter is adjusted.

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vganore posted this 01 March 2018

Here is the video showing how to calculate P1-P2. Are you trying to model something similar to this or just want to solve the problem numerically.  

Vishal Ganore,

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vighnesh posted this 03 March 2018

Thanks Vishal, That was really helpful. Actually, I'm trying to model this using ANSYS. Once I get the value of P1, P2 for varying value of d, temperature as well as the length of a hole present in a horizontal plate of a sensor ( in above attachment 0.4inch), I need to export these values to an excel file for my further analysis. Looking forward for your reply.

vganore posted this 05 March 2018

Yes, you can solve this under fluent. I could guide you.

Here is what you can do:

1. Create 2D geometry. It will be a surface body. Simplified Schematic of geometry is given below:


2. Create mesh

3. Solve it in Fluent and calculate results. 

Procedure is similar to this tutorial. Only difference is you have an orifice-meter instead of a nozzle.

Vishal Ganore,

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vighnesh posted this 06 March 2018

Thank Vishal..!!! This is what I was looking for. I will go through this and get back to you ASAP. Thanks alot..