Calculating the reference values in fluent.

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VSK1989 posted this 15 February 2019

Dear Team Ansys,


I would like to calculate the reference values for fluent simulation for the following geometry.


Please let me know which dimension to be taken as length .


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rwoolhou posted this 4 weeks ago

Lots can go wrong in any model if you're not sure what you're doing (we all learnt at some point). 

Look at the domain size (read the guidelines on wind tunnels re blockage factor), then look at the mesh. For the mesh you need to consider the y+ (as you've done) but also the near object mesh and wake. This is an easy model to set up (physics) but not easy to mesh and the flow is a lot more complex than novices (and project setters) realise. 

ytama6430 posted this 4 weeks ago

the convergence is good enough i think, it already has steady result at 200 iteration. my result differ around 0.5 than the values on the Cengel book, and the problem goes on, first it's only the positioning of the object that matters  with Cd, but now i realize that changing meshing would change the Cd too. is it the Boundary Layer properties that i am dealing with (something with y plus)? my model  just a 2d, can anything go wrong with 2d modelling?


rwoolhou posted this 5 weeks ago

How good is the convergence, and how far off the value you're expecting are you?

ytama6430 posted this 21 December 2019

 here is my reference value setting

ytama6430 posted this 21 December 2019

hey, good day. i also have the same problem with analysis of drag coefficient in 2D. i use the reference value and put in the velocity,area, and length there. the velocity was derived from turbulent Re number ( i use 20,000). Compared to the table on Yunus Cengel Fluid mechanic we always got the wrong number of Cd. what might go wrong with my setting? 


it's a 0.04m x 0.04m square that i used to find the Cd. and the reference for the Cd is

abenhadj posted this 17 February 2019

Reference length is not used in the calculation of drag coefficient but reference density velocity and reference area.

Best regards,


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VSK1989 posted this 15 February 2019

Hi, I would like to calculate Coefficient of drag .

Thank you

abenhadj posted this 15 February 2019

Which dimensionless number do you want to calculate?

Best regards,