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cyx9078 posted this 13 February 2019

I have a structure like the below: body 3 and 4 are very thin so you cant see it in the global model. To generate better mesh. I want to partition body 4 with the sketch in the bottom figure to avoid the sharp corners. Finally , I want part 4 is made up of rectangles and squares. However, when I tried with face split with the line I draw, I always get an error: 

Error: Facesplit failed; cannot project selected set
Additional information: Face Split Group 1

Context: FaceSplit Feature FaceSplit15

If I do face split on part 1 and 2, there is no problem. I searched online but could not find useful information about this error? Is there something wrong with face split if it is applied on very thin part? Or is there any tolerance I can set to avoid this issues? 


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kkanade posted this 13 February 2019

create a sketch with an edge

then you can create a line from edge using concept > line from edge

then use tools > project to project this line on the face. it will split the face. 

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cyx9078 posted this 25 February 2019

Thanks.Later I turned to SpaceClaim and its split function worked.