Can't view my results in CFD-post ( AWS EC2 t2 instance )

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Jykan posted this 26 July 2019


I am using an academic student version of Ansys on a AWS EC2 t2 instance.

Reproducing a simple tuto, everything running well until CFD-POST stage.

There the view side of CFD-POST is only a black-screen.

I restarted everything twice, including Windows reboot, view side of CFD-POST remains a black-screen

I know AWS EC2 t2 instances are not built for graphical rendering performance, but my simulation is very simple, pure academic training, and any slow rendering would be sufficient.

I googled to search a way to configure CFD-POST to accept  AWS EC2 t2 instances, without success.

Please help if you use Ansys on AWS EC2.



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Jykan posted this 26 July 2019

To complete description, the "Save Picture" menu works well.

After 10 minutes of try and run, doing exports after every move in blind mode, I obtained a nice picture validating part of my tuto.

So, I confirm, only the view part of CFD-POST is broken.

But working in blind mode on black-screen is a mess, I cannot use it more than this check.

Jykan posted this 22 August 2019

I found the way by myself, maybe very few people are using ansys on AWS


the Solution is => when you create your instance on AWS you have to add a "Elastic Graphics Accelerator"


it's a simple option in "Instance Details" of instance launch dialog