Cannot recruit GPU (Tesla M2090) to Mechanical Explicit Dyanamics solver

  • Last Post 06 March 2018
rlycke posted this 09 November 2017

I am trying to use a Nvidia Tesla M2090 to accelerate my solution solving in ANSYS (Academic Research License) but I cannot seem to get the ANSYS to use the GPU I've installed to aid in this acceleration.  I've gone through the set up instructions for workbench updated the GPU drivers (current version 385.54) confirmed that TCC (Tesla Compute Cluster) driver mode is enabled for the GPU, and checked that the GPU was properly installed and recognized via Nvidia-smi, but I cannot seem to utilize my GPU.  I've looked through a number of support documents on the ANSYS customer portal, but I seem to be missing something.  Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Some additional information that might help diagnose my problem: OS is Windows 10, Version of ANSYS is 18.1, Working in Mechanics - Explicit Dynamics via the ANSYS 18.1 workbench.

Elia posted this 06 March 2018

hi rlycke! I have the same problem! Did you get any answer to this problem? Please let me know, it's driving me crazy.