Cantilever dynamic Analysis

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Zahid posted this 25 March 2018

I have designed a fixed-free cantilever for the detection of mass by shift in resonant frequency.A varied mass is applied on the free end of the cantilever. which will shifts its resonant frequency .when mass m1 is applied it gives resonant freq f1 and when m2 is applied it give f2  and so on. now i want to plot the graph of shift in resonant freq vs mass applied (e.g f1-fo, f2-fo , ........ Vs m1, m2 and so on)  

i got the resonant freq of (fo= 52966 Hz ). and frequency response under 1 uN force. 

Mass =7.31e-25kg . it can be varied from (1-300) just like (1* 7.31e-25, 2*7.31e-25..........300*7.31e-25)


I need this kind of graph from Ansys.  kindly guide me how can i do this. The .wbpz file is attached below in the comments.

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Zahid posted this 25 March 2018

There's a problem in uploading Ansys project file here


peteroznewman posted this 25 March 2018

In Workbench: File, Archive... and save a .wbpz file which can be attached as long as the size is < 120 MB.  If the size is too large, right click on Model, Clear Generated Data, then File, Save As and use a new name, then File, Archive... and save a .wbpz file that will be smaller.

Zahid posted this 26 March 2018

here  is the attached .wbpz file . 

As it is the damped case. i just give the structural damping coefficient value in damping parameters setting. the value of damping ratio is 1.412e-04 how can i add this without giving the stiffness and mass coefficient values.  

Zahid posted this 26 March 2018

find the attached file here. 

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peteroznewman posted this 27 March 2018


You can add Structural Damping in the Engineering Data on the material like this:

Then in the Analysis setting, you can enter zero because the damping here is added to the material damping.