Centre of pressure of a model

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rm19g14 posted this 13 April 2019


I am currently running some simulation on a car model. The simulation runs fine but when I go to output the centre of pressure using the results tab in fluent I am not sure that the value I am getting is accurate. The car model is 4.6m long but the position of the centre of pressure changes very little from the baseline vehicle despite large changes in geometry and downforce over different designs. 

I am running a half car model with the origin based at the front of the car on the symmetry plane. I have attached the output of the centre of pressure but I am confused that there are coordinates that would be off of the car for my force groups. the front and rear wheels have rotating boundary conditions I am not sure if this makes a difference?

is there anything obvious i'm doing wrong? 

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rwoolhou posted this 16 April 2019

Please post images in line: staff can't open attachments. Also check the definitions of Centre of Pressure etc in the manuals.