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prantik10 posted this 30 October 2017

I have solving a 2D oil water multi phase flow in a horizontal pipe having L=4m and D=0.026, It was mention that flow are flowing with a different mixture velocity ranges 1-3 m/s and different oil cut ranges 0.1-0.9. I solved it in fluent and I get a exact flow pattern and I take a vertical cross section in pipe outlet where I want plot below mention variables.   My question is that (1) how I plot pressure gradient vs input oil fraction in fluent                                 (2)How  I plot pressure gradient vs water hold up in fluent   please sir kindly look into this matter .I have in problem to solve it last 15 days.I did not solved it.Its urgent 

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Raef.Kobeissi posted this 30 October 2017

Hello prantik10,

Which direction would you like to plot the pressure gradient? because you can plot with respect to a line or plane and you can create 1 plot for each input oil phase fraction scenario. You can do that in Fluent or CFD POST by exporting .cdat result files in the Automatic export window (Transient Case)


Raef Kobeissi

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prantik10 posted this 31 October 2017

I want to plot Pressure gradient in Y axis and input oil fraction in X axis.

I make a line along vertical direction at (X0=4, Y0=0 AND X1=4,Y1=0.026), then  I go to XY plot section, I choose Y-axis as a pressure gradient(under derivative section i get pressure grad option) but in X -axis how I selected input oil fraction as a option???

For getting input oil fraction as a X-axis variable, I Used custom field function in fluent  but I don't know what is the formula for it???

please sir kindly tell me the answer .

thank you so much for your  previous reply.waiting for your reply.its urgent