Hi all,

I am attempting to create a conditional statement in CFX-Pre using CEL, either the step() function or an if() statement. Basically, I am running a Non-Newtonian simulation and some of the results of my simulation fall outside of the shear rate range specified within the CFX Non-Newtonian model. I am attempting to assign a constant value to the Dynamic Viscosity if the shear strain rate (sstrnr) is less than 0.001 s^-1, which is the lower limit of CFX. If the shear strain rate is greater than or equal to 0.001 s^-1, I would like for my Non-Newtonian model to be applied. I would like to do this because there are a few areas in my geometry that have shear strain rates lower than 0.001s^-1, and it is yielding unrealistically high viscosity results. Thus, for these regions, I would just like to assign some constant value of viscosity to make up for this. 

Does anyone have any ideas about how I could do this? Thanks in advance.