Chemkin Pro Graphical Post - Processor not Initiating

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Luke_25 posted this 05 August 2018




I’ve downloaded the Academic Ansys package from the Ansys website, which contains Chemkin Pro.


I am new to this software so I decided to create a relatively simple laminar burning velocity exercise.


I have created the model in question and the programme seems to successfully run the simulation, but I cannot obtain the corresponding graph or data, it seems like the programme ceases up when launching the graphical post processor, the mouse icon seems to show that the programme is doing something but even after a long wait nothing seems to happen. You can still move icons and interact with the programme so it has not crashed but still seems to be busy doing something.


To me it seems like the graphical post processor is not initiating, but since I’m new to the programme I don’t know whether it is a feature that needs to be activated, I wondered if anyone would be able to help me solve this problem or explain a way of plotting the data without using this feature.

All help would be greatly appreciated

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Kremella posted this 05 August 2018


Could you please take a look at this video demonstration to see if this helps you resolve your issue?

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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Luke_25 posted this 05 August 2018

Hi Karthik 

Thank you for your reply, I've followed the video and its exactly the same exercise I was trying to do but this time with more success Ive finally got a set of graphs for it, previously I was trying to use the software graphic post processor which didn't seem to work but now ive linked up my excel with it and can export data from it.

Thanks so much for your help

Kind regards


Kremella posted this 23 August 2018

Hi Luke,

I am glad this helped and you were able to move forward with your analysis.

Good luck with your modeling.

Best Regards,