Chemkin Pro Mechanism Files

  • Last Post 06 August 2018
Luke_25 posted this 06 August 2018


I'm currently trying to calculate the laminar flame speed of various fuels using Chemkin Pro I'm aware that the pre processor requires a mechanism file, thermochemical file and a transport File and have used a few available online, I've been trying to use the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory files available on their website which state are compatible with Chemkin Pro, ive been trying to use the gasoline surrogates files by right clicking on them and saving the target on my desktop, ive tried then loading them in to Chemkin Pro but receive an error message shown, ive tried ARAMCO files which seem to work and a couple of others but really require these ones since they cover the majority of the compounds I want to test.

I wondered if anyone knows why this fault is occurring or if they know of other mechanism files that covers a variety of fuels, all help is greatly appreciated the website link for gasoline surrogates is below.


Luke_25 posted this 06 August 2018

Ive just been working on this and I think it might be the fact that the compounds within the mechanism file exceeds the limit on the academic version of Chemkin Pro