Clip (Angular - Deg) the Surface - Missing Surface

  • Last Post 24 February 2020
jlhee posted this 21 February 2020

Missing Surface


Hey all, 

I have a planar circular surface with x-axis going normally through this surface. I load my data (ran from steady-state).

I am going to clip a surface, say 0 - 20 Deg to create a sector model so I can release particle only within this sector model to save computational cost, apparently, when I clip the surface. My surface has missing area. 

Can some engineers figure out what going on with the Fluent? (Version 19.2) 

Please see the image.



kkanade posted this 24 February 2020

What I understand is you have say a boundary zone 'A'. Now you want to separate only part of 'A'. 

How did you clip the surface? Which commands you used?

Are you in Design Modeler or Fluent? 

In DM, you can use slice option. 




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