Configuring Linux client in command line mode to remote license manager/server

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srwheat posted this 27 February 2019

We had to install in silent mode as our Centos7.5 linux system does not have a GUI environment.  Thus, we did not have a chance to interact on configuring the server information regarding where the license manager is running and under what ports.

In command line environments, how do we configure the license information for Ansys/fluent clients?

And, is the license obtained by running fluent, or in the case of an HPC system where several nodes will be running, do all of the licenses get allocated before the job is launched on all the nodes?  We ask this here in case the fact that we are an HPC system doing batch runs impacts the answer to the first question.

tsiriaks posted this 27 February 2019

Hi srwheat,

You can either

1. create ansyslmd.ini file under (default) /ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/  with content something like this



You can change those ports above accordingly if the license server is not running on default ports.


2. set ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable with value 1055@<license_server_hostname>   

If the ALI is not using default port 2325, you must also set ANSYSLI_SERVERS with value <ALI_port>@<license_server_hostname>


All nodes in the cluster, including compute nodes, must be able to communicate with the license server and pull the licenses from it.

The submit node would pull pre/post licenses, while the first solving/compute node would pull solver license.


Hope this helps.