Confirming Prestress (initial strain) in LINK180

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learn13 posted this 02 December 2018

I've created a beam in workbench and then tweaked it with the below ADPL code. It creates a tension-only LINK180 element with an initial strain of 0.9. When solving, there is no deformation but when using smisc1 there is an axial force of 2592 for a default structural steel material.

My question is how to confirm the 0.9 strain on the link using a User Defined Result or another method.


mp,dens,matid, 1e-5





seccontrol,,1 !tension only

inistate,set,dtyp,epel !start of prestress definition

inistate,defi,,,,,0.9, !defining initial strain


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learn13 posted this 02 December 2018

An additional question pertains to the effect of the prestress. It appears to be localized solely to the link itself. If attached to anything else, say for example a link connecting two surfaces, there are no forces imparted from the link onto the surfaces.

Is this a part of the model definition that can be changed? Or are these characteristics standard?

peteroznewman posted this 02 December 2018

An initial strain of 0.9 seems like a very large number.  A member that was drawn at 1.9m long with an initial strain of 0.9 would become 1.0m long if there was no structure to support the tension in that member. Is this what you intend?

It's always good to say what Units system you are working in when showing a bit of APDL code.