Conformal mesh of different objects

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Marvin posted this 19 August 2018


is there a way to mesh a "line body" inside a 3D-solid so that they have common nodes either in Workbench Static Structural or Mechanical? Model a beam (a profile) inside a mesh of tet or hex elements that is.


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rgpatchi posted this 23 August 2018

Hi Marvin, 

In addition to what Sandeep has suggested i.e. to have shared nodes between line bodies and solid bodies, from your query, I see may be the line bodies are inside the solid body (going through)

In such case, there is a Mesh-Independent Method to achieve this. We can define reinforcements inside solid (for example) without dividing the solid to get common edges (which can be used further for contact or shared nodes), using which you do not need any contacts or common nodes between the line and solid bodies. But, you would need to use APDL commands in Mechanical for this. 

  Please read further here in ANSYS help.    Best regards, Rohith  

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jhniat posted this 28 August 2018


Could you please elaborate on what exactly you mean by using APDL commands to define line bodies inside a solid? I am currently trying to model a post-tensioned concrete I-girder/in situ concrete deck arrangement and all of my steel reinforcement are line bodies (with an assigned cross-section). When I mesh the model I do not get any common nodes between the individual bodies at their common surface. What is the best way to handle this scenario? I am currently trying to assign the concrete and reinforcement with SOLID65 and LINK180 element types respectively. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Josh.    

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peteroznewman posted this 28 August 2018

jhniat, I provide some specific detail in your other post on how to do what Sandeep suggests, which is it use Shared Topology.

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 20 August 2018

 Hi Marvin,

  You should still be able to use shared topology. You can do this using DesignModeller or even SpaceClaim.

  There are numerous discussions on the forum on this. Here is one that you might find helpful.



biiahofmann posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello, Im having a similar problem and I think using the mesh-independent method would solve it. My concrete beam has a circular opening, so the mesh is not perfectly straight around irt, which makes it really hard to make de nodes of the stirrups coincide with the nodes on the concrete. Could you help me on how to do the apdl command to do a reinforcement with the mesh independent method?