contact between two beam elements in Transient Structural

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aliBaratian posted this 2 weeks ago

hi there

how can i define contacts between two beam elements in transient structural? the scope gets yellow when i do so!


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peteroznewman posted this 2 weeks ago

You define contact the same way you would in Static Structural, set the geometry filter to Edge and pick one beam as the Contact side, and the other beam as the Target side of the contact pair.

aliBaratian posted this 5 days ago

what is your ANSYS version? when i do so there appears a question mark not a green check mark ! in fact i want the upper come down and touch the lower when it reaches it. please look at the pic attached. thanks 

peteroznewman posted this 5 days ago


You missed the feature by one release...

in 18.0, if you want contact between beam-shaped objects, you will have to represent those beam-shaped objects with either solid or shell elements.



aliBaratian posted this 4 days ago

thanks a lot.