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jonsys posted this 07 August 2018

The picture below depicts a flat pane, in which a force is applied in order to bent it into the mold (brown) arched shape. The pane will move, while the mold is a rigid body. The contact defined between them is frictional. While they touch each-other, I want the pane to be able to move freely along the longitudinal axis of the mold, but not move in global y-dir (eg. not slip from the mold).

Do you have any suggestions?



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SandeepMedikonda posted this 07 August 2018


  Starting in 19.1, If you are using multiple load steps, you activate or kill different contacts using Contact Step control as shown below (in previous versions this was done using an ACT extension):

Another way of modifying contact is by using the KEYMODIF commands (snippet),

For example, if you want to specify a standard contact with friction coefficient = 0.1 then issue the following command:

keymodif, cid,12,0! Define Standard Contact
mp,mu,cid,0.1 ! unitless
keyo,cid,2,0 ! augmented Lagrange
keyo,cid,4,0 ! on Gauss point (from Program Controlled setting)
keyo,cid,9,0 ! use real geometry with stepped effects
keyo,cid,7,0 ! No Prediction
rmod,cid,3,1. ! FKN
rmod,cid,5,0. ! ICONT
rmod,cid,6,0. ! PINB rmod,cid,10,0. ! CNOF rmod,cid,12,0. ! FKT rmod,cid,36,30 ! WB DSID

Where cid is the contact element id. You can learn about the KEYOPT for different contacts in this help section.


jonsys posted this 07 August 2018

Hello Sandeep,

thank you for the reply.

well, I am using 17.1 as shown in the picture. I am applying the load in multiple load steps, but I want the contact to be the same in every load step (meaning I don't want to kill any contact during the time).

Probably I lack many ansys skills, therefore I didn't clearly understood your answer, but can you please explain it more specifically?


peteroznewman posted this 07 August 2018


Adding a Y = 0 Displacement support to the faces that are the "edge" of the pane will prevent that edge of the pane from moving in the Y direction while allowing it to freely conform to the mold in the Z direction and slide along the mold in the X direction.

Does that satisfy your need?


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SandeepMedikonda posted this 08 August 2018

 Jon, Adding command snippets is adding APDL code to the object of interest. But, I probably did not understand your question properly and it looks like you don't need all the unnecessary complexity of dealing with command objects in this case. Please try what Peter suggested first.

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jonsys posted this 08 August 2018

Peter, Sandeep,

That would resolve the issue,

Thank you