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AsarAJ posted this 18 February 2020

Hello everyone, 

I am trying to model a scaffold ( a platform lying on some beams), the platform is subjected to a load, and I am trying to calculate the stresses and deformation of the beams. 

I modeled the platform as a shell, and the beams as beam elements. However, Ansys cannot detect contact in between them, and I cannot add them manually, it would be great if someone can share a similar experience, or has a suggestion how to deal with this.


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Aniket posted this 18 February 2020

Ansys employees can not download attachments from the student community so while posting your questions kindly insert them as inline images.

General guidelines:

Contact should be edges of the beam

Target should be the face of the shell

Target shell face should not be kept program-controlled and set appropriately so it faces the beams

Use an appropriate pinball radius. 

Use contact tool to evaluate initial status of the contact to get an idea if the contact is closed or not.


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AsarAJ posted this 19 February 2020

Thank you so much!

AsarAJ posted this 24 February 2020

how do I create contacts between the vertices of the beams and their intersection with the beams (lines) themselves ? 

Aniket posted this 03 March 2020

Use Node merge.


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