Convergence Difficulties with Interface Delamination

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Afrah posted this 10 April 2019


I have a 3D DCB specimen and am modeling the delamination using the Bi-linear CZM Law. I am trying to match the load-displacement graph obtained from ANSYS with that from experiment. In trying to do so, I am trying to find the correct cohesive zone parameters. When I use a high value of the "normal displacement jump at the completion of debonding" (C2), which is anything greater than or equal to .1 mm, the solution converges, but the load-displacement curve is all wrong. However, when I lower the value to something like .095 mm or lower, the solution doesn't converge. I do, however, get partial results that looks much better. Here are the errors I receive:

I have tried the following things to make my solution converge:

-increased the sub-steps, here are my settings:


-Refined the mesh at contact regions using contact sizing (I'm not really sure how much I should refine my mesh, it's possible I just haven't done it enough)

- lowered the stiffness of the contacts 

- reduced the penetration tolerance

-used the normal lagrange formulation

What else can I do?

Note: I've tried to find the "contact destabilization factor" option under the Advanced contact settings, but haven't been able to find it. Is this option no longer available in ANSYS 19.2?






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Afrah posted this 12 April 2019

Would it help to attach my workbench file? I would really appreciate the help. 

TAPTAPTAP posted this 12 April 2019

yeah you should attract your model so people can help you find the solution easier.

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Afrah posted this 12 April 2019

I've attached my v19.2 file. I've attached a simulation that has a simulation time of 60 s and it converges, anything more than and it doesn't. I actually need to run it for 600 s. I had to clear generated data off modeler cause the file size was too big. 



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Afrah posted this 20 April 2019


I've tried some more things to get the solution to converge;

-use MPC formulation

-enabled weak springs 

-increased number of iterations per substeps using the NEQIT command

any other suggestions?