Convergence Issues - Transient analysis to a bridge

  • Last Post 20 July 2018
alegomcas1 posted this 31 May 2018


Hello everyone! I made a model of the Alamillo bridge which is located in Seville. I wanted to study how the structure responds to a typical earthquake using the full transient analysis, but I got an error about the convergence.

I made a static, modal and a spectrum analysis and everything looks fine, I am not capable of finding out where is the error.

If someone could give me some advice on how to overcome the errors I would really appreciate it.

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 20 July 2018


I realize it has been a while but have you been able to fix the errors you are seeing? If not, can you provide snapshots of the errors and your model? If yes, can you please share your success story?