Convergence problem for compressible fluid flow problem - Air

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venkatrk84 posted this 15 December 2018

Dear Sirs/Madam/Friends,
I am working on Burner problem with Air as working medium.
I have Now divided burner in to 3 parts due to memory issue.
1. Blower part : It has impellor through which air enters the system.
2. Spool Piece : It is the next to blower part but it has some parts inside. 
3. Nozzle area: it is next to spool piece and it has one Plunker plate with perforations on its blades. 
Now my blower part is converged and I have given rpm for fluids in cell zone condition along with impellor. 
Now in second part shall I give rpm boundary conditions in fluid zone or shall I proceed further with out giving rpm so that my solution will be converged.
Also suggest for 3rd part. 
Please give valuable feedback. 
Please suggest:

abenhadj posted this 15 December 2018

If thé other zones are not rotating relative to the absolute system keeps them stationary. 

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