Coupled Flow Simulation

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ashiadarsh posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi All,

  How can I go for a coupled simulation in ANSYS FLUENT? I have to simulate compressible flow in one part of the domain and Incompressible flow in other part separated by a solid wall..The physics and numerical methods in the two domain is entirely different..Is it possible to simulate two different physics together.

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rwoolhou posted this 2 weeks ago

You can't model using two different solvers. However, how compressible are the materials? Pressure Based Coupled Solver may be sufficient. 

cfd_learner posted this 2 weeks ago

What I understand, you would like to solve different density materials. You can try with two fluid zones and give them their corresponding density (ideal gas and constant/incomp. ideal gas respectively). Try and let us know.    

ashiadarsh posted this 2 weeks ago

Please refer to the fig. attached

ashiadarsh posted this 2 weeks ago

Computational domain will be sector of 360 deg. consisting of gas domain,solid domain & the coolant(liquid) domain.Gas domain is highly compressible while the coolant domain is Incompressible. In this case whether a coupled formulation is possible?

Usual approach to such problems is first to solve the gas domain independently and impose the boundary condition(the results obtained from the gas domain) on (SOLID+FLUID) thus solving the conjugate heat transfer problem.

I would like to know instead of that,if we can solve for all the three domains simultaneously?


rwoolhou posted this 2 weeks ago

What density range do you see over the gas phase: if it's a heat exchanger I wouldn't expect much of a pressure loss, so all the density change is likely to be temperature related. 

ashiadarsh posted this 2 weeks ago

This is not an heat exchanger...compressible flow is through a convergent-divergent nozzle

rwoolhou posted this 1 weeks ago

With a separate jacket? Please can you put a better image of the whole domain up?