Creating a mesh from existing data

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Ashraf posted this 09 August 2018

Hi there

I'm using FEniCS to simulate a move heating source heat on a cubic shape. I solve the problem there and get my solution. Now I need to import that into ANSYS for further analysis. My data is in XDMF format which ANSYS can't read. I was able to get the raw data through python. The data looks like the follows:

Let's say there are n point (x,y,z) coordinates on my mesh and lets call them p1,p2,p3,..,pn. I have those coordinates as nx3 matrix. Let's say the heat source moves in the time interval [0,t1,t2,t3,...,tm]. Now for each time step Ti, I have a vector of size n that contains the temperature values of the n point at the time step. So I have m vectors each of size n containing temperature values. And of course I have the time step vector.


The question is, how can I format or structure this data in a way ANSYS can read. I don't need to solve anything at the moment. Just want to reach this heat history and data points into ANSYS.   

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rwoolhou posted this 09 August 2018

Which solver do you want to use? 

Ashraf posted this 09 August 2018

As of now, I don’t need to solve anything. That would be my next step. But now I just want to read the data into ansys. This data is the solution that I had already got from the other FEM

rwoolhou posted this 13 August 2018

So you want to use Mechanical? We need to know which solver you want to use as this will influence how it's done. 

Ashraf posted this 14 August 2018

I haven't used ANSYS before so I don't know anything about its solvers. Here is what i wanna do. After I read the temperature data successfully, I want to stack few parts on top of each other and solve for that. My current geometry is 20x20x1 mm and the heat transfer model has been fully solved on FEniCS. I want to read that into ANSYS then stack few parts so my final geometry is 20x20x5 mm. Now I have no idea what solver I might need for that 

rwoolhou posted this 17 August 2018

Solve what? Fluid flow, thermal stress, electromagnetic waves? 

Have a read through  and then post with a sketch of what you're trying to do and what data you need.