Creating a Volume Region

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deyandimov posted this 28 May 2020

Hello guys,

I am using Fluent and want to research a Volume-of-Fluid. I want to get a report definition from a couple of volume regions in my 3D model, but my model is created only as one zone. How can I create different volume areas or regions without changing the structure of my model / mesh, so that I can get a Volume Report ? Is there a similar options like "Create a Surface" ?

Thank you in advance,


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Kremella posted this 01 June 2020

What is the nature of this volume you are intending to create? Which Volume Report would you finally like to get out of this? If you could help us understand this better, we could perhaps suggest a solution. 



deyandimov posted this 01 June 2020

Dear Mr. Kremella,

it's a 3D 3-phase volume-of-fluid model. There is a still mixture of water inside, an oil flow from the inlet and the rest is air. It's a direct heat exchanger and the oil is heating up and flowing out. I want to calculate the the liquid holdup as a function of the height. For this reason, I want to know the volume fraction of the oil and water in different volume zones (regions), for example in every 15mm zone. I can create a surface every 15mm, but is there a trick how to determine (create) a volume region every 15mm, to track the volume of fraction of the fluids without separating the body ?


Thank you in advance,


rwoolhou posted this 01 June 2020

You can split the mesh in Fluent, or if you build the main volume from several fluid volumes you can use named selections to retain separate cell zones in Fluent.