Current Distribution Plot in HFSS

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hxb160030 posted this 11 February 2019

I had a quick question about plotted results of current distribution on a simple rectangular patch antenna please:   Which amongst the two images attached (image 1 or image 2) shows the correct current distribution?    This confusion arises when I click on the patch material from the 3-D structure on the geometry (which shows me the image 1 result) vs when I click on the patch material from the model tree which gives me the result shown in image 2.    The legends for both images shown on HFSS are exactly the same.   Please help!   Thanks and Regards,   Harshpreet

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Peter Serano posted this 10 October 2019

You most likely have multiple field plots displayed at the same time. If you are not clicking on one specific field plot, then the one that was first created will be shown. - Right click on each plot you have and disable 'Plot Visibility' on each field plot. Then you can manually select each field plot title in the project manager to view the field plot in the modeler window.

Peter Serano - Senior Application Engineer - High Frequency Products