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davidk8 posted this 27 March 2020


I have seen many post about unrealistic deformation in the result, however, versions have changed and I couldn't find the button for adjusting the scale in display in the latest student version I believe (Workbench 2019 R3). Could someone tell me where can I find the button, or adjust the scale in viewing?


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Teferi posted this 26 April 2020

Hello Dear Peter,

Many thanks for your kind help. Now it is fine. I made it True scale and there is no intersection of jaws now.

peteroznewman posted this 28 March 2020

You click on the pull down and select 1 (True Scale) or type a 1 into the text box to replace the 15 in this image or the 20 you had.

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davidk8 posted this 28 March 2020

 Hi Peter,


Is there a more simple way just to change the scale viewing instead of transforming into Parasolid files? Let's say I have a 200x10x10 mm beam with a maximum deformation of 0.1 mm, but the total deformation in the solution is showing like a 20 mm deformation instead of 0.1 mm, how can I change this display scale?

peteroznewman posted this 27 March 2020

Here is a recent post.