Determining mesh quality

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sam_5195 posted this 25 October 2018

Hi, it may be a beginner's question but i would like to know that what is the definitive criteria for determining mesh quality. I mean the average orthogonal mesh quality(mesh metric) of the generated mesh is 0.741 with the average skewness of 25 and max 48 but the minimum orthogonal mesh quality(solver -> Report quality) is 8e-02. So the problem is to know whether it's bad mesh or a good mesh. Thanks

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kkanade posted this 25 October 2018


If you are doing fluid meshing then please make sure that minimum orthogonal quality is more than 0.1. 

The mesh with minimum orthogonal quality below 0.1 is not good. 



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paguado posted this 25 October 2018


I would give priority to the minimum and maximum values rather than to average. This is because implicit solving can lead to solution divergence in just a few cells, those with poorest quality. For instance, minimum orthogonal quality recommended is 0.1 and maximum skewness is 0.9. You can have high average values of orthogonal quality (or low average value of skewness) but if you have some cells with very low orthogonal quality the solution may diverge.


btingthewind posted this 24 June 2019

Thank you, KKANADE.

But, how to improve the orthogonal quality when it's fairly low?

BEST Regards.

rwoolhou posted this 24 June 2019

As you've (quite rightly) opened a new topic I'll lock this one. 

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