Different type of elements in CFX

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hgsdvd posted this 18 June 2018

Hello Ansysers,

I am using both the Mechanical APDL and CFX to model a beam and study it thermally. When I use APDL, there are so many elements that I can choose from such as SURF, TARGET, SHELL, etc.

My question is where can I find these mesh elements in CFX or shall I use ICEM-CFD to do so. On the other word, does CFX qualify of analyzing this model at the same capability of APDL?

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raul.raghav posted this 18 June 2018

Muha, CFX is a fluid dynamics solver. Why do you want to model thermal heat transfer in a beam using a fluid dynamics solver? Could you explain in detail what you're trying to do?

If you are looking at a 1-way FSI mapping of APDL and CFX, refer to the following:

FSI with Mechanical APDL and CFX: Manual One-way Mapping

Unidirectional (One-Way) FSI


hgsdvd posted this 18 June 2018

Hello Rahul, I am studying the differences between the two solvers in a thermal wise so I need to match the physical and mesh properties in those solvers. Is there any way where I can do so especially in terms of the mesh elements.



raul.raghav posted this 18 June 2018

Could you provide a schematic of your setup and explain which parameters you are interested in comparing? This would help in answering if it could be done with CFX.

CFX is a finite volume solver and the valid mesh element types are:

Valid Mesh Elements in CFX


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hgsdvd posted this 20 June 2018

Thanks Rahul. You answered my question indirectly. 

I appreciate your effort.