Difficult to apply Symmetric Boundary Conditions on Mechanical APDL 18.2

  • Last Post 20 April 2018
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rra23 posted this 20 April 2018


I'm a new ANSYS user and I am getting some problem to replicate the tutorial below: 


Could someone give me some advice about it? I mean, I'm trying to replicate this tutorial and the results are not matching.

- Could it be because of the element type I choose (SHELL281)?

- Is it necessary to apply something else on the boundary coundition beyond the symmetric?

- To apply the thickness are this, the commands: Main Menu --> Preprocessor --> Sections --> Shell --> Lay-up --> Add/edit --> And use section offset top-plane to the plate and midplane to the stiffener?

Any advice about it is welcome!

peteroznewman posted this 20 April 2018

Welcome new ANSYS user.

Is there a reason you are learning Mechanical APDL user interface, which is  more than 20 years old and not the Workbench user interface which was created closer to 10 years ago? 

My advice is to learn the Workbench interface first. You will get to model realistic geometry more easily in Workbench, especially if you have CAD skills.  Do you have a CAD program you are good at?  If not, you can start learning SpaceClaim, which is included in Workbench.