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lucaavv posted this 23 February 2019


I need to model a system of 3 reaction, with 6 component.

For introduce it in FLUENT I have activated the species transport after the creation of all the components I need. For component creation I added the material one by one in FLUID section. I selected the 'Fluid' voice in the scroll-down but I need to add the mass diffusivity that is in the 'Mixture' voice. How can I add the mass diffusivity to alll the components?

If I select the 'Mixture' voice whene I create the component I can add the mass diffusivity but when I try to copy the component created Fluent give me an error sayng that the selection isn't  right.

Thank you


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rwoolhou posted this 25 February 2019

If you want to specify each component then you can use multicomponent: that will need rather a lot of settings. Once you've assigned the mixture to the fluid zone you can access the properties from the species part of the tree. If it's turbulent I'd set a mixture diffusivity that's good enough for the materials. 

lucaavv posted this 26 February 2019

Ok, thank you