Direct electro-thermo mechnical model

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Bijan posted this 05 October 2017

Dear my friends,

Could you please help me to create a direct coupling of the electro-thermal mechanical model in the workbench. I really need your help.

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S.Heilmann posted this 11 October 2017

Hey Bijan,


can you tell us please a little bit more about your modell and the status? What is the aim of the modell? What did you try? Do you know the ANSYS Parametric Design Language?





Bijan posted this 13 October 2017

Dear Stefan, 

The aim of the model is to simulate hot pressing procedure by taking advantage of the electric current. It should have strong coupling between quasi-static electric conduction, transient thermal and static structural. All three physics should solve simultaneously because the density and geometry of the sample is changing by temperature rising from room temperature to 1100 C. I just need a model in workbench that can solve all three physics at the same time, but not by connecting the wires between the physics.I am also familiar with APDL commands a little, but not that much. I would be appreciated if you could give me some hints to solve this problem.




S.Heilmann posted this 17 October 2017

Dear Bijan,

if you use Workbench you don't have a direct model to solve the three physics.

You can do a thermal electric analysis and give these results to a mechanical model (here you don't need APDL commands, but thats not what you want)


For the direct coupling you can use any of the model in workbench, because you have to change the element type, the contacts and the boundary conditions using APDL commands. It would be clever to use a modell where you have the most boundary conditions without APDL

If you have some special questions you can ask again, but for the start I guess the internet will help you



best regards