Display Contour Plot every 25 time-steps During Calculation

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Mr_fixit16 posted this 21 June 2018

I feel like this should be simple, but i am having trouble finding a way to display a contour plot in Fluent at specified intervals of a calculation, say every 50 time-steps. I am performing a transient density based simulation of a pressure vessel and i would like to see a contour plot of velocity magnitude every 50 time-steps to see how the simulation is progressing. 

I believe the "execute commands" under calculation activities will do what i want, but i am not familiar enough with the TUI commands to write it. I have already set up a contour plot under the Results>Graphics>Contours GUI, but i am not sure how to show it during the simulation.

In other words, is there a command to display a contour by the contour's name in the GUI?


Any advice or tips would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Kremella posted this 22 June 2018


After setting up your contours, say you want to display 'global-velocity-contour' as an image after every 25 iterations.

You will first want to set-up a 'window-2' using the following TUI command: /display/open-window 2

Click on 'Save/Display' contour and make sure that the contour plot shows up in 'Window 2'.

Use the following TUI commands in 'Execute commands' window: /display/object/display global-velocity-contour

Change 'every' to 25 and 'when' to 'iterations'.

Please look at the attached images.

Best Regards,


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Mr_fixit16 posted this 22 June 2018

That did exactly what i was looking for, thank you very much! 

Do you know of anywhere online that explains the TUI commands and their syntax and how to use them? I found a list of commands in the user guide, but it does a poor job of explaining how to use them.

Thanks again!

Kremella posted this 26 June 2018


Check out the ANSYS Fluent Text Command list for all the TUI commands and their usage.



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