Display issues

  • Last Post 14 February 2018
marmington posted this 07 February 2018

When I try to go into geometry or the model the top of my workbench does this. I have already gone into properties --> compatibility --> and changed the settings to override high DPI scaling behavior. If someone could help me get this resolved it would be great because I need this program for one of my classes this semester.   

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peteroznewman posted this 07 February 2018

What is "this" that the top of your screen is doing? Do you mean all the toolbars are stacking up? You can drag each toolbar to a different row to unstack them.


marmington posted this 08 February 2018

Sorry I wasn't specific enough! It seems as though the text is all miniature and hard to read and I can't find a way to drag the toolbar to a different row to unstack them. It seems to be a more complicated problem than that. The toolbars are all on top of each other and won't move so I can't see the different tools. 

pgl posted this 08 February 2018

Could you please attach a better screenshot, as we are unable to see the issue from the above embedded image, maybe zoom in to show the detail, use the Windows 10 Snipping Tool. 

Without seeing the detail, I recommend that you try View>Reset Workspace or View>Reset Window Layout



marmington posted this 09 February 2018

Here is a zoomed in picture of the problem. There are two separate issues. The tools are extremely small as well as the toolbar's are all on top of each other. 

marmington posted this 14 February 2018

I fixed the problem by changing the resolution of my display on my computer. It had to be a much lower resolution to make the text size 100% so that I could actually read and use the different tools in the toolbar.