Does mesh refinement increase torque/Cp for this model?

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Yerucham100 posted this 17 March 2019

I am doing a CFD analysis of a turbine blade I designed using Fluent. I have refined the mesh to just below the limit of the student version, the Cp I get is about 20% but I need to know if it improves with further refinement but I cannot due to the limitations of the student license. I have attached the project file below, can anyone with the full version please assist me?

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rwoolhou posted this 18 March 2019

What does the curve look like if you plot torque with cell count? Staff can't download attachments so you'll need to see if any of the other community members can help. 

Does your supervisor/University have Research licences? 

Yerucham100 posted this 18 March 2019

The torque at mesh size of about 300k is very close to that at mesh size of 511k but I believe it should improve significantly at mesh sizes of 2 million plus 🤔. For now I do not have access to research license for ansys

rwoolhou posted this 18 March 2019

OK, thanks. Over to the community then: why do you need the better data? The student version is designed to learn with rather than carry out detailed analysis of complex models. 

Yerucham100 posted this 19 March 2019

I just need to know if the blade design is good enough to get Cp of at least 35%

kkanade posted this 20 March 2019

you may need to do mesh independent study. for this you will have to refine mesh further and check if results are changing. 

as ansys  employees we can not download attachments.