Drop test on Composite plate in Explicit Dynamics

  • Last Post 04 March 2019
Arunsivakumar posted this 02 March 2019

Hi Everyone.,

i want to analysis a composite plate on drop test in explicit dynamics.But it shows an error on mesh.If anybody having a solution file or any video link please share it to me.

thanks in advanced



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peteroznewman posted this 03 March 2019

In the Outline, Right Mouse Button on Mesh, and select Clear Generated Data, then repeat and select Generate Mesh, then click Solve.

Arunsivakumar posted this 04 March 2019

Hi Sir.,

But while right clicking on mesh it is not showing clear generated data.

please If you having any related solved file or any video send to me in mail

please give your contact in mail

Email Id- arunsivakumar666@gmail.com