Dynamic Analysis of MEMS cantilever beam

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Zahid posted this 16 March 2018

i have designed a fixed-free cantilever for the detection of mass by shift in resonant frequency.A varied mass is applied on the free end of the cantilever. i want to run the the simulation in dynamic mode. how can i do the dynamic analysis to get the graph of applied mass vs shift in resonant frequency.

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peteroznewman posted this 16 March 2018

Resonant frequency is found using a Modal Analysis. There are several ways you could build the model to vary the mass at the free end of the cantilever, but the simplest is to add a point mass. When you do this, you click the box next to the mass and it becomes a parameter. Then in the results of the Modal, you click the box for the information on the natural frequency. In the Parameter Set box in Workbench, you type (or paste from Excel) a list of masses, then click Update All Design Points and Workbench will solve for each row in the table.


Attached is an ANSYS 17.2 archive that you can review.


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Zahid posted this 19 March 2018

Thanks bro for your response,

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