dynamic mesh for porous media combustion?

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Weiqiang Liu posted this 16 May 2019

Hi , all,

I am doing a project of porous media combustion with fluent. The application of this project is diesel particle filter which is used on diesel vehicles. I am just starting this project. Therefore I want to ask a very general question of this project. Below is the 2D geometry of this project:

The red region is soot cake which is a porous media and there is also soot in the porous wall the filter. My purpose is to simulate the combustion process of soot cake and soot trapped in the porous wall. The initial soot cake thickness is given and drawn as porous region. The local soot concentration in soot cake and porous wall is defined as an UDS. 

The whole process is like air flows through the porous zone and reacts with soot cake during which soot cake is consumed until no soot left. My question is do I need to use dynamic mesh to describe the variation of soot cake region? My thought is dynamic mesh is not need for this case. Because local soot mass concentration is a variable to define whether this region is a porous region. To be specific, when local soot mass concentration is 0, the porosity of this cell is 1 and becomes non-porous. On the contrary, as long as the local soot mass is not 0, the region remains a porous media zone.

I am posting this thread to validate my thought. Anyone who are doing similar project? Please help.

Best regards.


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Weiqiang Liu posted this 16 May 2019

I have this confusion because I found a similar tutorial case in Comsol and dynamic mesh is used in that case. I wonder if dynamic mesh is needed for fluent.

rwoolhou posted this 17 May 2019

No need for dynamic mesh, porous media & UDFs should cover it all. 

Unfortunately we're unable to offer detailed "engineering" suggestions because of the export rules: I have seen this done before. 

Weiqiang Liu posted this 17 May 2019

Do you mean you've seen somebody else posted similar thread? 

Thanks very much! You give me confidence.

Best regards.