Dynamic mesh for transient FSI simulations

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Siva Teja Golla posted this 5 weeks ago



      I want to do transient FSI analysis of sloshing using System-coupling module. Whether it is 1-way or 2-way FSI, is it necessary to define a "dynamic mesh" and create the fluid-structure interfaces to be "system-coupling"...??? 

      If not defined, will it effect the result...??? 

      Please clarify this doubt of mine. Thanks in advance...

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kkanade posted this 4 weeks ago

as your shape of domain changes, due to motion on boundaries, you will have to define dynamic mesh. 

Siva Teja Golla posted this 4 weeks ago

Thank you Mr.kkanade,


                I am encountering certain errors while trying to run a 2-way FSI using System coupling - 


Here are the pictures of my simulation -


1. Geometry



2. Fluid mesh




3. Fluent settings



4. Structural mesh




5. Structural analysis settings



6. System coupling settings






7. Error




Thanks is advance...