E-field Simulation Using Files Exported from SIwave

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joshstew posted this 10 January 2019

I am trying to do an electrostatic analysis using Maxwell 3D on a geometry that I imported from SIwave. The file from SIwave is imported OBD++ files from Altium.

1) When I select any of the metal surfaces, it tells me that I cannot apply a voltage to a nonplanar surface. I'm not sure how to get around this. 

      1.1) Do I have to select all of the metal pads/planes at a given potential, or will I get the same results just selecting one of the pads for that NET?


      2) When I select the dielectric from the 3D Model Editor window, the dielectric only appears along the x-axis with the correct height on the z-axis. There doesn't appear to be a y-dimension to it. 


I'm new to all of this so any help is appreciated. A screenshot showing the dielectric issue is attached. 

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Peter Serano posted this 10 January 2019

1) While in the Modeling window, press 'f' on your keyboard to enter 'face select' mode. Now you can select a face of the object (a 2D surface) instead of the entire object (a 3D volume) to assign your excitation.

1.1) You should select the pads that will have the voltage excitation assigned to it - consider how a real voltage will be input into the board and try to model it as accurately to reality as possible.

2) If the object is not listed as a 'sheet' in the model tree then it is a 3D object. It could be that it has a very small thickness in the y axis. You can use the 'Modeler > Measure > Object' to get details about the geometry.


Peter Serano - Senior Application Engineer - High Frequency Products

joshstew posted this 10 January 2019


Thanks, pressing 'f' did the trick for my issue on (1) and I will keep that in mind for (1.1). 

For (2), the thickness was very small. I'm not sure why but it showed that way in SIwave too. I just imported it again and now everything is how it should be. Thanks for the help.