Edge Divisions Not Aligned

  • Last Post 24 April 2020
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josh8niu posted this 24 April 2020

Hello all, 


I have run into an issue generating consistent mesh on a bellows. I am using a mesh sizing to set the number of divisions on all edges of the bellows, but a single edge is out of phase with the rest.

Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this? 







josh8niu posted this 24 April 2020

Update for anyone to have this issue in the future: 

After using a plane to slice the body, it forced the edges to be aligned. It is more of a pain to do this, but assuring the mesh is consistent is worth the time spent. 


Since I have solved my own issue, please let me know if I should take down this post, or leave it up for others to potentially learn from. 

Quality of mesh still being improved.