Edge sizing and structured mesh

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rchristensen posted this 06 June 2019


I am trying to generate a structured mesh for one of my models. It's a hexagonal unit cell - 6 finned tube surrounded by fluid as well as fluid flowing through it's cylindrical center. See below the cross sectional view. 



The mesh that I have generated is still pretty coarse and I wish to refine it.


However, when I try to increase the number of nodes along the edges, it messes up the mesh in the center of the tube. 

And I also get the following warning. 

I'd appreciate any suggestions that you guys would provide. 


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rwoolhou posted this 07 June 2019

Can you omit the square in the centre channel and use a pave mesh? That should help as it's the change in cell size over the small gap that's causing some of the problems. 

rchristensen posted this 07 June 2019

 Thank you for the suggestion. I did that and it did help.



However, there is still a small mismatch between the grid

How do I go about producing something like this?


Thank you,


peteroznewman posted this 09 June 2019

The element circled is not a mismatch, it is just highly distorted. Adding an Inflation mesh control to the boundary of the inner fluid cylinder will help this.

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rchristensen posted this 09 June 2019

Thank you, for your suggestion. I used an inflation layer and it looks a lot better. 


rwoolhou posted this 10 June 2019

To add, the last image is a "butterfly" or "o-grid" mesh dating back to the older methods where we needed mapped mesh blocks. We tend to use pave (unstructured) mesh now as it's simpler to generate. 

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