Elasto-Plastic Fracture Mechanics

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keyurckp posted this 23 February 2019

How can i define a material to behave as elasto-plastic in fracture mechanics simulation? Also which material parameters do i need to define for elasto-plastic fracture mechanics simulation?


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SandeepMedikonda posted this 24 February 2019

Hi Keyur,

Please refer to these resources from our channel partners and from the help.

Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3

Resource 4

Guidelines on the Student Community

keyurckp posted this 26 February 2019

The link that you send is sufficient but now i had a different problem. Initially i thought that you will suggest something that can be done in ansys workbench but now can you send similar materials as above form where i can get the meaning of each APDL command used in ansys? so that i can finish off my work with APDL commands as i do not know the meaning of those commands.

SandeepMedikonda posted this 27 February 2019

You can refer to the Command Reference in the help.

keyurckp posted this 27 February 2019

Sir i am a student and i am using the license of the institute in which i study so i will not be able to use your above link.

jj77 posted this 27 February 2019

Go to the ansys help (on the main menu on the top and right on the GUI) say on mechanical wb.


That will launch the ansys help browser.


Copy and paste this link into the ansys help browser:



keyurckp posted this 27 February 2019

Instead you can tell me what to type in mechanical wb help as the link shows the same page as sandeep mentioned above

jj77 posted this 27 February 2019

Perhaps command reference or something like that.


keyurckp posted this 27 February 2019

ya i am using ansys 16.2 so help option is different in my case

SandeepMedikonda posted this 27 February 2019

Keyur, please upgrade to the latest version all you would have to do is click on the banner at the top which says download software. The link method works for v19 or later. See here.

If you are in v16.2, you should have help already installed. So, go to the Command Reference in Mechanical APDL manual.

DavidW posted this 27 February 2019

Hi Keyur,

Regarding your initial question, you can use a plasticity model in conjunction with fracture capabilities in ANSYS Mechanical provided that you use the J-Integral approach for evaluating the initial crack (you can use pre-meshed, arbitrary, or semi-elliptical crack objects to define this). You will also need to define your plasticity model in Engineering Data. Also, make sure that you have Large Deflection set to 'On' in the Solver Controls, which is under Analysis Settings. Overall, there should be no need for APDL commands as everything you expressed you needed is available via the GUI.

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keyurckp posted this 28 February 2019

Hi David,

I am really satisfied with you answer but i had a further doubt that what if the plastic model that i want to use or fracture model i want to use is not present in the data base in that case how can i add a user defined model as i have no experience with apdl commands can you put a link where i can start from initial and model a plasticity and fracture model all by myself

DavidW posted this 04 March 2019

Hi Keyur,

There is the option of using a User Programmed model via usermat. If you search the help documentation on this, you will see an example of a bilinear isotropic hardening model programmed in Fortran. You can use that as a template to write your model code. Also note that you will need access to an Intel Fortran compiler as well as Microsoft Visual studio to compile and link your code to MAPDL.

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keyurckp posted this 13 March 2019

I have tried most of the methods like smart crack growth, XFEM and VCCT for interface delamination (not sure about CZM) and in most of the cases i found that the method is applied for linear elastic materials. So is there any method in ansys software that captures plastic deformation along with fracture propagation? please suggest and share any link towards this topic or should i try for any other software like abaqus or comsol.